Caroline Nduta, popularly known as Shosh Carol, is a 65-year-old fitness enthusiast who has raced both locally and internationally, winning over 20 races globally so far in her category.

Nduta does her training with Kikuyu Spartans, and never misses her daily training unless she is not feeling well, and per week, she does about 80-100km.

Her day begins at 6.00 am when she trains with a group of people and tackles about twenty-five kilometers every morning.

In 2016, she participated in a marathon in Dubai and emerged top in the veteran category, motivating her even further.

“Winning in Dubai motivated me further, this was my first win globally followed by a series of others. 

“I was super excited, I exercised further and tackled tougher grounds to build endurance.  

“Initially, people did not believe I was capable of what I have achieved today partly because of my age, some thought I was crazy,” she said in a past interview.

Unlike most of her agemates, Shosh Carol does not allow her age to limit her.  

She urges people not to wait until they are old to keep fit.

“When you exercise, you will not struggle with ailments, I love every second of it, and I hope that my efforts will maybe inspire other people to go out and do something active,” she said in an interview.

An X user pictured her doing her daily exercise along the Southern Bypass.


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