Dr. Jeremiah Wasenga Angira, the proprietor of St Peter’s Hospital, has been exposed after he failed to pay Ksh 750,000 to a consultant.

The victim wrote to activist Boniface Mwangi exposing the rogue doctor after he failed to pay him his dues.

My name is Ms. MO and l entered into an agreement with Jeremiah Wasena Angira, Orthopedic Surgeon and proprietor of St. Peter’s Hospital, to provide marketing consulting services for his two businesses, Nana Inkiri in Nairobi and Galore Resort in Kisumu. 

The consultancy was for the months covering March to September 2023. 

He subsequently failed to honour the agreement by not paying my fee in full and owes me an outstanding balance of Ksh 750,000.

Jeremiah was featured on an NTV expose titled, “NHIF Heist: Rogue Hospital,” where his name was adversely mentioned as the proprietor of St Peter’s Hospital, which was alleged to be carrying out unnecessary surgeries in a scheme that defrauded the National Hospital Insurance Fund out of billions of shillings. 

The work l did for him had no relation or connection to the NHIF scam, and his refusal to pay me is pure fraud and arrogance.

I want us to expose, shame, and let Kenyans know that he is a man who can’t be trusted ethically, and professionally. 

I sued him in the Small Claims Court, Case No: SCCCOMM/ E3758/2024, and after suing him, he texted my lawyer saying he had been willing to pay, but since l had sued him, he would not pay.


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