Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has blasted National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula after he attacked MPs opposing the proposed Finance Bill 2024 in public.

In a statement yesterday, Sifuna accused Speaker Wetangula of being hypocritical on the Finance Bill.

“Wetangula thinks we are all fools. I have heard him on several occasions say he “will not allow” legislation that is “against our African values” especially when speaking at Catholic events. 

“Now he is pretending to be powerless. Secondly, he reminds us at every turn that he is a Principal in KK and 3rd in command,” Sifuna stated.

At the same time, Sifuna accused Wetangula of participating in the writing of the controversial Finance Bill, 2024 which seeks to burden Kenyans.

“We know he participated in writing the Finance Bill 2024. Lastly, he is still the Party Leader of Ford Kenya. 

“All his MPs voted for the punitive taxes last year and I know for a fact that is the same instruction he has given them this year,” Sifuna added.

Wetangula had blasted Azimio MPs and asked them to stop discrediting the Finance Bill, 2024 in public gatherings, noting that they are responsible for crafting and passing the budget through parliamentary committees.

The National Assembly Speaker told the MPs to save the public agony and sit in parliament and do what is right for the people of Kenya.


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