The fallout between President William Ruto and his Deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, is getting messier by the day.

This follows calls for Gachagua to step aside and let someone else take over as Ruto’s deputy since it is no longer tenable for him to continue serving as deputy president when all he cares about is his Mt. Kenya region and not any other.

Speaking during an interview, Webuye East MP Martin Wanyonyi stated that the fight for dominance in Mt Kenya politics must end.

Wanyonyi stated that if Gachagua doesn’t stop the balkanisation of the region, he should resign and allow Ruto to find a supportive deputy.

“I am saying that if this story of Mt. Kenya and leadership dominance and arrogance continues, we have requested that Honourable Riggy G pave the way for someone else to become Deputy President to President William Samoei Ruto,” he said.

However, Wanyonyi stated that if the second in command didn’t step aside, then he would be impeached.

“If he won’t pave the way, our constitution is clear on how Parliament can compel the Deputy President to step aside or resign, paving the way for someone else to assist Ruto in building the Republic of Kenya, uniting Kenya, and advancing the country,” Wanyonyi stated.

The lawmaker claimed Gachagua’s recent calls for Mt Kenya unity were undermining Ruto’s efforts to unite the country.

“Tribalism is something that sets Kenya back and was buried in the election of William Ruto as the President of the Republic of Kenya,” he added.

Wanyonyi underscored that anybody trying to regress the country by playing regional or tribal politics is an enemy of the nation.


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