ODM Party leader Raila Odinga has hinted at working together with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on the push for the one man one vote one shilling revenue-sharing formula.

Speaking on Thursday, June 6 at the ODM Party headquarters when he met the conveners of the Limuru III conference, Raila said Gachagua has seen light and has turned from Saul to Paul.

The former Premier also noted that Gachagua is a member of the Kenya Kwanza government which is supporting his bid to become the African Union Commission (AUC) chairperson.

“I am working with everybody in this country, nobody specifically, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is a member of the government and yesterday the government pledged to support my bid for AU. He has seen the light, he is a Saul who has become a Paul,” Raila remarked.

The opposition chief declared support for the one man one vote one shilling formula saying it would ensure fair distribution of resources in the country.Raila further said it was time for a nationwide conversation on the distribution of resources.

“Some people don’t want to hear it but we want to ensure that every Kenyan is equally treated that is why we are saying one man one vote one shilling, I agree totally with this, I am not a populist, I always talk my mind openly,” Raila stated.

On May 13, DP Gachagua announced he would push for the adoption of the one-man-one-shilling formula.

The second in command explained that the formula is critical for development in the Mt Kenya region.

“In matters of revenue sharing, I am a believer, a proponent of one-man-one-vote-one-shilling. Resources are about the people. The whole issue of resources is about the people. The more you are, the more taxes you pay. It goes without saying, the more taxes you pay, the more you should get,” Gachagua stated.


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