Controversial lawyer, Miguna Miguna, has urged President William Ruto to stop playing with the minds of Kenyans over Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithinka Linturi’s impeachment case.

Linturi is facing possible impeachment over the distribution of fake fertilizer to innocent farmers.

Miguna, in a social media post on Saturday, termed the impeachment motion as a ‘Public Relations stunt’ and said the buck stops with the President who has the power to sack Linturi.

The ‘General’ said Ruto should save Kenyans the impeachment abracadabra in parliament and fire the corrupt CS.

“Three things President @WilliamsRuto should have authorized or done without the ongoing PR drama at the Senate:

1. Mithika Linturi’s arrest and arraignment. (Oh yes, everyone knows that the docile DPP wouldn’t charge him without the president’s say so).

2. Release the resignation letter Mr. Linturi signed (all CSs signed them before their appointments).

3. Fire Linturi within 2 days of the publication of the expose on the fake fertilizer scandal. Anything else is nonsensical abracadabra, which Kenyans won’t buy.

The buck stops with President @WilliamsRuto

! The more the silly drama is staged, the more Kenyans will be convinced that the scum originated from

@StateHouseKenya!,” Miguna stated.



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