Narc Kenya chairperson, Martha Karua, has challenged President William Ruto and his government to give those affected by floods the affordable houses the state has been constructing.

According to Karua, the government bears the responsibility of settling the affected families and providing for their basic needs.

“Life is hard because of the cost of living, there are women who have nothing to give their children others have suffered as a result of floods…. 

“Their children have died and they have been left without shelter. Our taxes should cater to their needs. It is enough to take care of their education, medical, and housing needs. 

“To give them temporary homes and move them to affordable houses that have been built using our taxes,” Karua said.

The Azimio la Umoja principal equally castigated the Kenya Kwanza government for the proposed Finance Bill 2024.

Karua said that in as much as the constitution allows taxation, the tax proposals in the Finance Bill are equal to those imposed during the colonial era.

“Taxes must be paid, but you cannot tax (Kenyans) until you deny the poor food. You cannot tax until a child of a poor person sleeps hungry and fails to go to school,” she stated


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