While speaking to the press on Monday, May 13, the girl revealed that the incident occurred a week ago when she was talking to the suspect who is believed to have been in a relationship with the minor.

According to the victim, the man was pressuring her to marry and when she refused, he descended on her in the form of attacking and stabbing her on the head, legs and hands.

This left her with severe injuries and she now requires assistance to sit and go about her daily activities.

According to the girl’s mother, the family learned of the unfortunate incident through phone calls made by members of the suspect’s family.

“They called me at around 6 pm and I told them since it’s your son who has committed the act don’t you take her to the hospital,” the mother remarked while speaking to journalists.

On the other hand, the father revealed that no action has been taken against the suspect who continues to walk scott-free as their daughter nurses injuries.

This delay in making arrests has left the family frustrated and in doubt on whether they will get any justice for their daughter who is expected to join high school after she cleared primary education last year.

Relatives and neighbours called upon law enforcement to ensure justice is served and to act as a lesson to others who commit such heinous acts.

This incident came a few weeks after yet another 17-year-old was defiled and doused in acid in Kenol Town, also within Murang’a County.

Reportedly, the minor had attended a birthday party when a man approached her and requested to leave with her and head to another entertainment joint.

The girl is believed to have agreed to this request. Unfortunately, the minor’s body was later dumped at Kabati within the Central Kenya county and was ferried to the hospital by onlookers. 

The girl was taken to a private hospital in Thika where she received treatment. 

The man suspected of being behind the act, alongside other suspects would later be arrested and released.


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