A section of Kapseret Constituency residents has ganged up against their MP Oscar Sudi, accusing him of being useless for missing parliamentary sessions.

On Monday, Sudi admitted that he never attends parliamentary sessions because he is busy looking for money.

Following his admission that he never stepped into Parliament, some residents angrily called for his resignation, arguing that he had failed them.

They called on the lawmaker to stop moving around the country and participating in Harambees, yet his constituency was suffering.

“We are asking Oscar Sudi, you admitted that you have not been attending parliament sessions. For the last 12 years, what have you been doing?

“You should step aside if you find it difficult to work for the people of Kapseret,” a resident said.

Another resident said they have realized they made a mistake in electing a leader who cannot properly represent them in the National Assembly.


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