Government spokesman Isaac Mwaura has disclosed that he almost married a Luo woman before an horrific experience made him change his mind.

In a post on X on Saturday, May 26, Mwaura intimated that he was in the company of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro when they took a trip to Kano plains in Kisumu County to meet his would-be in-laws.

“I almost married a jaber from Kano tek to tar in the year 2011. We visited our would be in – laws at Wii Pinje, accompanied by Hon. Ndindi Nyoro and Martin Mbau. “During our 3 day stay, we decided to have an adventure in the Lake, and we visited the famous Dunga beach for a boat ride.

We found a boat labelled Odeng Nyasore, which looked was in the charcoal smuggling business from Uganda, through the lake. The boat operator agreed to take us for a ride, and he indeed took us for a ride,” Mwaura stated.

The government spokesman disclosed that it was when they got to the middle of Lake Victoria that hell broke loose for them.”After a very nice trip to the middle of the lake, where we could not see either of the shore, he demanded that we give him more money or he lives us in the middle of the lake.

My friend Ndindi was so shocked, I know he could not swim, and even anyone who could swim, couldn’t have made it from the middle of the lake to the shores. We were all shaking and we now had to desperately negotiate to save our lives, as imaginations of helplessly drowning in water raised through our minds,” Mwaura continued.

However, he said that they managed to convince the boat operator that they would pay him when they dock at the shores because they had their our bags there.

Mwaura intimated that they breathed a sigh of relief when we saw dry lands again and told the boat operator to go away without adding him any money.

He added that the experience marked the beginning of the end of his relationship with the woman.

“This torturous experience convinced my team of negotiators that we had to immediately go back to Nairobi, and that marked the beginning of the end of that relationship,” Mwaura remarked.

The government spokesman visited Kano village on Saturday for the homecoming of former Kisumu senator, Ambassador Fred Outa. He said he had a strong connection to Kisumu.


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