In what may turn out to be a big disappointment to U.S. President Joe Biden, President William Ruto has maintained that Kenya will not be abandoning China any time soon.

This comes just after Biden hosted him to an exquisite dinner at the White House during his just concluded State visit to the free world.

Speaking during an interview with CNN, Ruto dismissed claims that Kenya’s relationship with China could be affected following his visit to the United States of America.

He clarified that Kenya would not take sides when it comes to bilateral relations with countries in the East and those in the West.

The Head of State clarified that Kenya would work with both China and the U.S. to ensure it benefits through investments.

According to Ruto, there have been attempts to put Kenya into a position that would force it to take sides on working with either of the countries.

He noted that Kenya was focused on development and that it would cooperate with all the countries regardless of criticism of visiting the U.S.

“Many people want to pull us to a conversation to whether we are facing east or west, let me tell you, we are neither facing west nor east, we are facing forward,” Ruto clarified.

“That is where the opportunities are and we are working in a manner to make sure we put resources where opportunities are.”

Ruto’s sentiments come against the backdrop of claims that the United States was using Kenya to cut Chinese dominance in East Africa’s most stable economy.

Biden during his speech at the White House, showered the Kenyan president with praise as he termed his leadership style as one of the best.


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