Taking on his social media platform, Kindiki warned Gachagua to stop spreading tribalism with his one-man, one-vote, one-shilling revenue-sharing formula.

The CS poked holes at the approach, claiming it could pose significant implications for the country’s future. 

According to Kindiki, the approach was neither hinged on any scientific principle nor economic model.

He argued that the idea was one picked from a casual political banter and that it would fail since it was unconstitutional.

“Proponents of the man-vote-shilling mantra neither understand its implications for Kenya’s future nor do they fathom its long-term impact on the parts of Kenya they purport will benefit from it,” Kindiki noted.

While reiterating his take on the matter, Kindiki noted that every part of Kenya was entitled to prosperity.

“The destiny and success of Kenya is inextricably linked to the destiny and success of each part of Kenya. One Nation, one Flag, one People.”

“It will fall flat when juxtaposed with the constitutional ideals and values upon which our nation is founded.”

CS Kindiki’s sentiments followed barely hours after the Deputy President took a swipe at those labeling him a tribalist due to his stance on the revenue-sharing formula.

Gachagua argued that freedom of expression was a constitutional right and he was not an exemption.

The DP referenced Azimio Leader Raila Odinga’s common stand questioning why the Former Prime Minister didn’t face similar accusations. 


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