Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua sought to explain his move to issue a public apology to former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking during a stopover meeting in Limuru, Gachagua asserted that most of the leaders in the vote-rich region including him, were misled to attack Uhuru Kenyatta.

He acknowledged that it was not wise to attack their leader publicly given that a section of the public also mocked the former President.

Therefore, he noted that it would be wise to apologize to Uhuru to avoid a repeat of the same.

“We were misled, we attacked and shouted down President Uhuru. I requested forgiveness, did you forgive me? Never again will we attack our leader. Do not stab your brother in the back.”

“That is why I personally went live on TV and Radio to seek forgiveness from our son Uhuru Kenyatta for attacking him during the campaigns. We acknowledge our mistake. The bad thing would be to repeat the mistake,” he stated.

Gachagua detailed that the apology was also necessary given that there were still plans to cause division among the current leaders.

He also cautioned the young leaders from the region not to be used in fueling division in the mountain, noting that the vote-rich region is always the target for people planning to cause division.

Uhuru is yet to comment on Gachagua’s public apology.


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