Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is a disturbed man over the future of Mt. Kenya.
This is after he claimed that there are individuals plotting against the region.

The DP warned Mt Kenya residents about a bleak future, saying someone is out to finish Mt. Kenya.

The DP, who spoke in his native Kikuyu language, stated the individuals were sowing seeds of disunity among Mt Kenya residents.

“I am not too clever, and neither am I a fool, there is something I know, and when I look keenly, wake up early and look, I see darkness, I see someone plotting against us, and our children being used to divide us,” he said.

Analysts have argued that the DP is out to consolidate his influence in the vote-rich Mt Kenya region amid reports of a split in the ruling United Democratic Alliance UDA) party.

Gachagua turned to the elderly generation in the region, likening the politicians who he accused of being used to sow disunity to children.

The DP urged parents from the region to engage their children, arguing that divisions in the Mt. would end in unspecified problems.

“Parents, these are our children, talk to them. Tell them to be wary because the enemy of the Kikuyu, is a Kikuyu.

“Let us be careful, love one another,” he stated.


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