Here Are the Proposed Perks for Chief Administrative Secretaries.


Gross salary: Sh765,188

Salary market adjustment: Sh156,075

Transport: An official car of engine capacity not exceeding 3000cc.

They shall also be eligible to a car loan of up to Sh8 million and mortgage of up to Sh35 million.

Medical Benefits:

Inpatient: Sh10 million
Outpatient: Sh300,000
Maternity: Sh150,000
Dental: Sh75,000
Optical: Sh75,000

Retirement Benefits: A service gratuity at the rate of 31% of the annual pensionable emoluments for the term served.

Airtime shall be paid up to a maximum of Sh20,000 per month.

Security shall be provided as advised by the Inspector-General of Police.

Annual Leave Allowance shall be paid at the rate of Sh50,000 per annum.


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