GIDEON MOI urges RUTO to stop abducting protestors like during the NYAYO ERA – Respect the Constitution Mr. President!!



KANU chairman Gideon Moi has urged police to stop abducting protestors since it is against the constitution

Speaking on Monday, Moi stated that Kenya is a country governed by the rule of law and that abductions should not be occurring.

He further emphasized that if anyone is suspected of wrongdoing, they must be arrested according to the law and presented in court.

“The emerging pattern where young people are being violently abducted on account of engineering the protests against the Finance Bill, 2024 is deeply troubling and warrants unequivocal condemnation,” Gideon said.

The former Baringo Senator said that any attempts to silence Kenyans who are speaking against heavy taxation and bad economic policies are unacceptable.

“It was time young people were stopped being seen as enemies,” he said.

He added that the protesting youths are the victims of the current harsh economic policies.

“An attempt to suppress the voices of those who bear the brunt of over-taxation, unresponsive economic policies, and lack of accountability through unlawful tactics is unacceptable,” he said.



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