Have you visited Bungoma town recently?It’s amazing right? In preparation of the 61st Madaraka day that was held on 1st June 2024 at Masinde Muliro Stadium in Bungoma County,the phase of Bungoma town has changed positively.The stadium has been completed and beautified,roads have been repaired,buildings renovated,roundabouts constructed,flowers and trees planted,thanks to the National Government and the County Government of Bungoma.The stadium will be helpful in sports activities and other events.
There are some projects however that have not been completed due to time constraints and other reasons.There are unfinished roads and disrupted water and power supply systems in some parts of town.Now that Madaraka day celebration is over,l urge the authority in charge to continue with the projects until they are in better conditions.Let us not leave roads muddy and impassible for they will distract day to day activity of residents of Bungoma.
Residents of Bungoma should also take responsibility in maintaining the beauty of their town.Avoid walking where flowers and trees have been planted as you could step on them leasing to breakage.Be careful not to break them intentionally or otherwise. Instead,let’s continue weeding and watering them and our town will remain beautiful.


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