It’s not an easy week for Mshwari beneficiaries as they woke up to a locked mpesa account or a deduct on mshwari savings account .Mshwari loan givers have decided to forcefully take what belongs to them following a neglect of users to repay their loans on time.

According to the complains of the affected,those who have unpaid loans have been denied access to their mpesa untill they clear their balances.They can no longer withdraw their money.Defaulters that had saved cash on mshwari account have experienced a loss as it has also been deducted.

However,some Kenyans have taken to the internet to complain that they are carrying a cross they know nothing about.They claim their accounts have been frozen yet they do not owe Mshwari a cent.Well,they may have forgotten,or maybe the simcard they used got lost,or other parties used their identification cards to register simcards that they used to borrow funds.


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