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Azimio Demands Ruto’s Resignation, Calls for a Ksh1.4 Trillion Budget Reduction.

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The demand comes as they push for a drastic reduction in the proposed national budget, amid widespread protests and mounting public discontent.

Addressing the press on Tuesday in Parliament, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, flanked by coalition allies, lambasted Ruto’s administration for what they claim is a bloated budget marred by corruption.

They advocate slashing the budget from Ksh3.9 trillion to Ksh2.5 trillion, alleging that over Ksh1 trillion has been earmarked for dubious purposes.

“This clueless government must go back to the drawing board,” proclaimed Senator Godfrey Osotsi, stressing the coalition’s rejection of what they term as budgetary allocations conducive to corruption.

“Remove that money from the budget and come to us with a budget of Ksh2.5 trillion, and then we can talk.”The opposition’s stance reflects widespread discontent among Kenyans, manifested in ongoing protests across the nation, now entering their third day.

These demonstrations, driven largely by youth, oppose the proposed Finance Bill 2024, citing concerns over heightened tax burdens amid an already precarious cost-of-living crisis.

“The entire country has risen saying ‘Ruto Must Go’,” declared Sifuna.  He added, “President Ruto, from Sugoi to the coast, has failed in his duty to the Kenyan people. He must resign.”

Echoing Osotsi’s sentiment, he added, “Give us back our country or we will take it back from you.”

The budget, unveiled by Treasury CS Njuguna Ndung’u on Friday, June 14th, aims to navigate Kenya’s economic challenges, projecting a growth rate of 5.5 per cent for the upcoming fiscal years.

Ndung’u emphasised a fiscal deficit reduction to 3.3 per cent of GDP, down from the previous year’s 5.7 per cent, amid efforts to stabilize the economy post-pandemic and mitigate climate-related shocks.

Critics argue, however, that the budgetary allocations fail to address fundamental economic woes facing ordinary Kenyans. With protests intensifying and parliamentary deliberations ongoing, the nation stands at a crossroads, torn between fiscal responsibility and mounting public demands for accountability.

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