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Why Kenyans believe individuals are being recruited to participate in protests against Tuesday’s demonstrations.

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A group of Kenyans have been seen riding motorcycles and carrying placards in  Nairobi’s CBD, protesting against tomorrow’s planned demonstrations.

The protest, reportedly backed by an influential figure, has sparked reactions among ordinary citizens. One of the placards read ‘Allow your parents to work in the CBD,’ held by some youths as they marched through town.

There was a noticeable presence of police officers in the streets of  Nairobi, but unlike previous protests, no tear gas canisters, live bullets, or stones were used against the demonstrators, raising questions about the authenticity of today’s protest.Here’s what netizens had to say about the group:

@nimrodnickshado.collins: This was a show 😂😂 @memes_arena254: And that girl was about to give me her number then we got tear gassed. Don’t miss out on Tuesday.

@aicy_peshy: 😂😂😂 These people have no brains. They were given 1000 shillings and it will end today. What about next week, next month, and five years from now? Think, guys.

@masselphy_ke: 😂😂😭 Three people can’t stop us 😂😂 You’ve been paid traitors, but take the money. But tomorrow you better show up. SIGN HERE 🙌 REJECT ZAKAYO ❌ we’re ready GEN’Z ONE MORE NIGHT 🥺

@alex_mwakideu: Those who were paid have started working… Too little, too late.

@cly.n: Twenty boda bodas are being paid, so what are they supposed to do? 😂 We will be there.

@a.cqui.line: Just a few boda guys???? THEY WILL NOT BELIEVE ‼️ 😹 @justredinta: And the government is overworking. They will not believe.

@ericjones._: You’re being paid 😂😂😂😂 You fools, we’ll see you in the streets tomorrow 😂

@boywasouth1: People are training early, that’s the best 🔥🙌😂

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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua Urges Kenyans to Appreciate President Ruto’s Performance.

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