Drama filled Kiamaciri police station on Sunday morning after the family of a 64-year old-woman who was allegedly murdered by her Ugandan shamba boy were informed that the murder suspect  escaped under unclear circumstances.
The daughter of the deceased, Calorine Wangui, said she was shocked to be informed by the  officer  commanding station (OCS ) that the Ugandan national accused of killing her mother on November  had fled.

“I want justice and the suspect rearrested. I used my own money to see the suspect brought here from Uganda, right now they have released him,” Wangui said amid cries. Esther Wamuyu, a relative of the deceased, wondered how a suspect could escape from a guarded police station.

“We are going to stay here until we are given a proper explanation,” Wamuyu said.

Kirinyaga Senator James Kamau Murango has demanded explanation from the Interior Ministry as to why Kiamaciri has become notorious with wrongdoings.

“This is the same police station where  police officers sold exhibit of deadly beer and over 20 people died at Kangai and Mutithi wards. Why always Kiamaciri?” Murango posed.

Phillipino  Muifi , 23,  was arrested by detective in Nakuru on May 18, 2024  after pursuit for several months. He had been being held at kiamaciri police station after court allowed detectives to detain him for 14 days as they continue with investigations.

According to the police at Kiamaciri police station, Muifi disappeared on Friday with another suspect who had allegedly raped a goat at Kagio town.

Police said the two broke a pipe and escaped, vowing to re-arrest them.

Disappointed  by the escape of the suspect, Kirinyaga  County Investigating  Jason Mworia, who is off duty said two police officers who were on duty  had been arrested.

The Ugandan national is accused of killing his employer Rose Muthoni Kariuki on November 2, 2023 before fleeing.

Afterwards, the deceased’s phone was found at Muifi aunt’s house in Nairobi.


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