Flamboyant city pastor and politician James Wanjohi has broken silence after he was linked to a multi-million scandal that saw desperate jobseekers lose over Ksh 600 Million.

Detectives raided Wanjohi’s company dubbed Worth Start Africa which is located in the Nairobi Central Business District and arrested some of the employees in senior positions, following complaints from jobseekers who lost money.

Wanjohi has denied that he is on the run as reported in the media.

He said he is on a business trip abroad and expressed shock at the recent news that has dominated headlines.

He categorically denied being a wanted man or being summoned by DCI.

Wanjohi further clarified that his company only focuses on visa facilitation and doesn’t secure employment for jobseekers abroad, hinting that those who gave him money hoping to get jobs abroad did not read the contracts.

It was clear as appended to the contracts by the 700 clients that it was only Visa facilitation which the decision lies solely with the embassies of respective countries,” he said.

He blamed his woes on a combination of political vendetta and business rivalry.

He promised to visit DCI headquarters to record a statement after he returns to the country from his business trip abroad.


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