President William Ruto could be a one-term president, going by what renowned Nairobi lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has advised him on taxation.

According to Finance Bill 2024/25, Ruto is planning to introduce Motor Vehicle Tax, Bread tax, and Mpesa transaction tax among other taxes that the Treasury has proposed.

The taxes will choke Kenyans who are still suffering from increases in taxes from last year, when the Kenya Kwanza Alliance regime passed the Finance Act 2023.

Reacting to these new taxes, Ahmednasir, who is among prominent lawyers who supported President Ruto’s election in 2022, stated it is wrong for the President to continue taxing Kenyans yet the money is being stolen by Ministers, governors, Judges, and other state officers.

He said if Ruto wants to continue overtaxing Kenyans, he should also account for the taxes by providing good roads, better healthcare and provide quality education system for kids.

This is what lawyer Ahmednasir wrote on his X platform.

Over taxation, especially of goods and services used by mama Mboga and Wanjiku, make governments very unpopular and delegitimized when it doesn’t provide corresponding services or when the taxes are stolen by corrupt civil servants.

President William Ruto’s government is going that route full speed. Personally, l, grudgingly rationalise the need to raise taxes so that OUR government repays the reckless borrowing of President Uhuru, gives US good (just third world standard) services…i.e uninterrupted electricity, clean running water, good roads and functional sewage, good security, excellent health care, good education, a functional justice system, a government that prosecutes and jails thieves who steal our taxes…

Our government raises taxes every year and we obviously don’t get value of money.

We don’t have good roads, health services are in shambles, the education system is almost non-existent (very soon, more children will do British curriculum than Kenyan), judges make more than than lawyers, farmers are suffering because of fake fertilisers and Hon Mithika Linturi refuses to take responsibility, theft of public money is normal, Governors and county officials are stealing like crazy etc…etc…

So surely, why do we pay taxes? For CSs, judges, and governors to steal it? Doesn’t make sense for me.

H.E. @WilliamsRutoneeds to engage Kenyans on these taxes and why it is stolen UNDER HIS WATCH. Mr. President, we will pay taxes but give us value for our money and stop your Waziris, judges, and governors from stealing Wanjiku’s taxes,”


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