Ugenya MP David Ochieng may be regretting dumping former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’a Azimio for President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza.

This is after he vowed to betray the president by rejecting the contentious Finance Bill, 2024.Speaking during an interview, the lawmaker warned the government about the Finance Bill 2024, which is before the National Assembly for debate, saying that the proposals in the Bill would have a huge impact on the middle class.

The MP warned that if passed, the country would be at a perilous stage in history, adding that it was ill-conceived and should be withdrawn.

Ochieng revealed that he wouldn’t even try amending the Bill when it’s in parliament as he would vote against it in its entirety.

“He’s going to hit at the core the middle class and we are courting a revolution.

“You cannot tax our pay slips to the skin. I’ve told you on this matter of the finance bill me vote against it. totally, I will not even pick and choose,” he said.

The MP stated that he had hoped the government would give Finance Act 2023 time to achieve anything before making a change.

“I just wanted to say first of all that for me I would I’d imagine that this year will not have a finance bill.

“We didn’t need one after all we went through last year. We would have just said this year, we are not doing a finance bill; we’ll try to implement what we passed last year through this very difficult situation,” he stated.

Ochieng observed the unpredictability of Kenya’s taxation policy was scaring away potential investors.

Ruto’s government had proposed an increase in tax to boost revenue collection, which directly affected Kenyans and their businesses.


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