Pastor Victor Kanyari has stirred Kenyans once again after making some controversial comments on the type of women who aren’t good at being wives.

He did this on his popular and somewhat infamous TikTok page where he started by saying that women who spoke English weren’t wife material.”Kubali ukatae! Wife material haongeangi kizungu.  Kama naongea uongo niambie! Nakama naongea ukweli andika hapo kwa comments, ‘Prophet uko on point,'” he said with serious conviction.

Before going on to repeat again, “Wife Material haongeangi kizungu.

He then went on to anger the iPhone cultists, by saying, “Wife material hatumiangi iPhone! Anatumia katululu. Ukiona msichana anatumia iPhone, jua huyo siyo wife material.

“As with most of the things the cleric says and does on TikTok, his statement also garnered a lot of attention from fans with some agreeing with him and left others blown away.

Read some of the comments below from Kenyans who responded to his interesting opinion.

marya_okoth Na sasa wazungu?

its.dennis_prince I was once in a interview panel na mdosi akasema lady using iPhones and fake nails wasipewe kazii whatever qualifications 😂😂😂😂😂

elias_finesse Queen Elizabeth na Michael Obama walikuwa wanaongea kikisii wewe ni kiwete wa akili schupid

summer_by__rose Just a question,do you have a daughter!?

leeyah_christine Ni ju hujui kuongea kizungu pastor 😂😂🤣

its.dennis_prince Guys cool down!! Baby mama amekataa kumtumia picha za mtoto ndio Maana anateta5h1 likeReplySee translation

wafulamelvin97 why does he have to shout?😂

sarah_nya1Na kama ameolewa na mzungu 😂😂😂 Kanyari is clearly looking to trend. Bure kabisa 🚮

allankhoyi Alafu utaona mtu akifuata hii ujinga huyu jamaa anasema 😂😂

kevinlytle_So sad! Speaking on behalf of his late sister


theewambui Mikora 😂😂

lucy_kigothi@t.mwihaki nimejua kwenye shida iko 😂😂😂😂

What do you think of the firebrand preacher’s statement?


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