Mithika Linturi, Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, asserted that people are suing him for performing well in his ministry. This is in response to an impeachment motion against Linturi that has gained momentum as more than 100 lawmakers have signed the petition.

In light of allegations of mismanagement within the Ministry of Agriculture, the motion, which was initiated by Bumula MP Jack Wamboka, seeks Senator Linturi’s impeachment.

Nonetheless, talking during a pledge drive in Imenti Focal, Linturi entreated Meru occupants not to be occupied by what pundits are talking about him. “I’m a devotee, and I tell individuals not to be stressed.

Furthermore, you know when you are getting along admirably, individuals begin making different things. Try not to be diverted,” he expressed. He further asked the inhabitants to pick manures from the cereals board and use them on their homesteads.

The CS wondered why some individuals were complaining so much about fertilizers when they had never purchased any. He impacted pundits who had gone after the Service of Farming over the phony manure embarrassment.

Linturi requested that Kenyans disregard what was being said and wait for a dossier that he would release over the course of the week. He vowed to name every one of the traders who were behind the dubious manure bargain that has wrecked many ranchers the nation over.


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