A young man who has been trending on social media for assaulting a traffic police officer in the Roysambu area, Nairobi has spoken.

Ian Njoroge was on Monday arrested in Jacaranda, Kayole by DCI sleuths who had launched a manhunt on Sunday evening.

Shortly after his arrest, he was put under a brief but harsh interrogation by individuals who were presumably officers.

In a video seen by journalists, a handcuffed Njoroge is seen responding to questions floated by two officers. 

He was first asked to reveal his parents’ occupations.

“My father is a teacher at Mavoko Boys Secondary School and my mother is a businesswoman selling lab equipment,” Njoroge, who is 19 years old said.

Their dialogue ensued after the officer asked “Where did you train” and Njoroge said, “I have not trained.”

“Where did you learn to hit an officer? 

“I have never hit an officer before. Today was my first time.”

Njoroge was asked why he decided to beat a uniformed police officer.

He said the corrupt officer had demanded a huge bribe forcing him to assault the officer.

“I was just angry. We were not understanding each other because he wanted a lot of money which I could not get…” Njoroge said.

In short, as the constitution stipulates, Njoroge told the officers he was technically ‘fighting corruption’.


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