CS Murkomen – I was not arrested with millions in Dubai.



Transport Chief Superintendent Kipchumba Murkomen has refuted rumours that he was detained in Dubai with millions of dollars.

Speaking on Monday, Murkomen denied the allegations, calling them untrue and asserting that no one should be permitted to travel with such an enormous sum of money.

The CS went on to say that the stated sum is too big for a person to carry while travelling.”I think it was USD 210 million. That would be about three or four pickups of dollars.

To carry that amount of money you would need a whole section of a plane to do it and I think you can’t even pass a hotel like this with that money,” Murkomen said on Obinna TV.

“When they were saying nimeshikwa Dubai I was in Nairobi. Even when the president was being asked… Do you mean Dubai United Arab Emirates of Dubai somewhere in Kenya? Let’s be more serious. I am used to that.

I am absolutely used to fake news.” The CS added that the highest cash he has brought into the nation is roughly Sh2 million, while the most cash he has taken overseas is $10,000. This is since his birth, he claimed.

“Maybe Sh1.5 or 2 million… The most I have carried in my travels since I was born is about US$10,000 and to countries where you know your card will decline.”

The Transport CS insisted that he has faithfully fulfilled his promise to serve Kenyans, and he expressed pride in this.He said that during his two years in the Cabinet, not a single individual had come forward to charge him with corruption. Murkomen said that nobody should feel sorry for him because he is proud of honouring his word.

“One thing I’m very proud of is that in two years I have kept my vow that I was not going to engage myself in corrupt activities and scandals.

“When people are feeling sad for me I have told them one thing, there is a silver lining in this discussion and it is this, two years down the line nobody, not a single person has accused me of corruption.”



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