Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi has sought the help of his Interior counterpart, Kithure Kindiki, to calm the storms in his ministry.

Speaking while appearing before the Senate yesterday, Linturi announced the formation of a multi-agency team targeting Kenyans who are selling unsafe meat to unsuspecting members of the public.

Linturi said the multi-agency team is led by Interior CS Kithure Kindiki.

The Agriculture CS noted that the team also comprises Health CS Susan Nakhumicha.

“We have formed a multi-agency team in all the 47 counties. The lead CS in this matter is the Interior cabinet secretary, Agriculture and Health. This is to ensure that no meat is out there that is not safe,” said Linturi.

He explained that the multi-agency team conducts highway patrols and does weekly patrols and routine inspections to ensure high-quality meat is sold to Kenyans.

CS Linturi also mentioned that the multi-agency has mapped out illegal slaughterhouses that deal with donkey meat.

“We have highway patrols, road blocks have been mounted, we have weekly patrols and inspections for compliance we have mapped out illegal slaughterhouses which are especially dealing with donkeys,” the Agriculture CS added.

Further, CS Linturi told the senators that the multi-agency is getting results in the crackdown against the outlawed business.

“We are getting very good results. This is being done through the multi-agency team to ensure that our meat is safe for human consumption,” Linturi stated.


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