The accident, which took place on Thursday, April 11, in the morning, is reported to have been caused by boda boda riders who were stated to be riding recklessly on the busy route.

Several casualties were reported in the morning incident with the casualties being transferred to hospital for treatment.One of the boda boda riders is reported to have passed away after being crushed by the shipping container which slipped off the truck crushing the victim.His identity has been established by individuals present at the scene.

According to a video viewed by wamuzi news ke, the vehicle bore South Sudanese number plates.

However, it remains unclear where the truck originated from before the accident transpired.As also depicted in the video casualties drawn from the vehicle were seen to be in critical condition with some of them having lost body parts.

However, eyewitnesses attributed the grisly accident to the boda boda riders who were said to have been manoeuvring on the road dangerously.

This comes after the transport Cabinet Secretary, Kipchumba Murkomen, attributed most road accidents to being caused by reckless drivers.

During a press briefing on Tuesday evening, the CS stated that there needed to be hefty penalties for riders and drivers who were caught using roads recklessly.He also urged the Judiciary to collaborate in coming up with stringent measures that could be used to deter the surge of accidents on Kenyan roads.

The CS proposed that reckless drivers, who caused accidents should be charged with murder for causing the loss of lives.


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