Speaking during Sunday’s homily at Wote Catholic Church, Father Nicholas Mbondi complained that sporting events had been moved from Saturday to Sunday.

He explained that Seventh-Day Adventist was a minority religious group in Makueni and should not interfere with keeping Sunday holy.

“Us other Christians of Catholic, African Inland Church (AIC), Jehovah’s Witness we are forced to have football played on Sundays because SDA worship on Saturday yet they are a minority in the region,” he stated.

“Sports on Sundays must end, when it is played on Sunday it becomes a religion.”

He explained that the situation in the county had deteriorated to a point where some youths were claiming that football was a religion.

While asking for help from County Government officials in attendance, Fr Mbondi vowed that the church would lead a countywide campaign to ensure no sporting activities are held onThe priest explained that there would be no relenting until that was achieved.

He explained that letting the youth take part in sporting activities was denying them a proper moral direction.

Fr Mbondi wondered how the youth could be leaders of tomorrow if they were not taught about God on Sunday.

“Football is okay but let it be played on the days which are allowed,” he stated while banning Sunday sporting activities. He added that the Church would lose choir members and other faithful if the ban was not effected immediately.


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