According to reports, the lifeless body of the elderly man was found inside a suspected brothel in the local town. Male suspects were found inside the room where the man died.

Residents had gathered at the suspected brothel seeking to take a peek at the suspects and the crime scene. Some of them were blocking the suspects’ way to the police van leading to the officers taking action.

The suspects are being detained at the Narok Police Station as investigations commenced.Police have called upon members of the public to share any information that will help identify the deceased man who was taken to the local morgue.

Additionally, the police officers are awaiting the autopsy results to determine the man’s cause of death.

The County OCPD John Momanyi urged the locals to take caution while in public. He also urged them to report any suspicious activities.

“Until now we have yet to identify him but we are continuing with the necessary investigations to know his identity and that of those who committed the act,” Momanyi added.

According to Momanyi, some of these suspects are targeting those with money, especially during this time when children are reopening schools and parents may be carrying large sums of money for fees.

He noted that some of these suspects ambush their victims at entertainment joints where they may even spike their drinks.

“We want to know what transpired before the man’s death and what was the motive,” he emphasised.

Residents from the area revealed that this was not the first mysterious death to be reported in the area within the last month. Two people were reportedly murdered two weeks ago and their bodies were dumped in the town.

They called upon law enforcement to take action and arrest all those involved as well as put in place measures that will prevent such incidences in the future.


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