Former Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has blasted President William Ruto for chartering a private jet for his concluded US State visit.

Speaking on a local TV station on Monday, the Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K) leader indicated that Ruto went against his push for implementing austerity measures in various government agencies.

Wamalwa argued that it was inappropriate for President Ruto to hire a private jet for Sh 200 million in the face of rising taxes and claims of empty coffers by government officials.

“You cannot say we don’t have money to pay for this, then the taxes you keep raising you are spending these taxes in a luxurious way,” stated.

“What is so special about William Ruto that he must hire such an expensive jet?” Wamalwa posed.

The Azimio la Umoja Principal pointed out that Ruto squandered a golden opportunity to market Kenya Airways during his State Visit and chose to use a private jet which did not leave a memorable symbol to his American hosts that can be used to promote tourism in the country.

“It is also a way of the President failing to market Kenya Airways. Any President who is a patriot must show pride in going with Kenya Airways and flying the Kenyan flag and marketing it to the world,” he insisted.


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