Two men were on Tuesday arraigned before a Narok court and charged with two counts of ferrying donkeys without a veterinary officer’s permit after police intercepted 81 donkeys destined for an illegal slaughterhouse in the area on Monday.

The duo, Oloshiro Pere and Luka Manyara, had concealed the donkeys within Mlima Nugu Forest pending transportation to the illegal slaughterhouse within Kedong ranch, before they were apprehended after a tip-off from members of the public.

The suspects, who were part of a group of four, were likewise charged with being in possession of suspected stolen goods.”Following intelligence reports, officers managed to intercept a heard of 81 donkeys while concealed within Mlima Nugu forest within Ntulele sub-location and believed to be on transit to an area within Kedong ranch for illegal slaughter and trade of its meat and skin,” read a police report.

“Two suspects managed to escape police arrest while two others namely Oloshiro Pere, Luka Manyara were arrested.”

Following the operation, the donkeys were handed over to the Directors of the Kenya Farmers System, Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys, and the Kenya Society for Protection and Care of Animals.

The donkeys have since been relocated to the Naivasha ranch for safekeeping while the police continue their nationwide crackdown on illegal donkey trade.

The arrests came just two days after four suspected donkey thieves were apprehended by Kirinyaga residents.

According to Kirwarwa Sub-location Assistant Chief Zacharia Miano Muchiri, area residents arrested the four after they were caught slaughtering 30 donkeys near River Sagana. Three other suspects managed to evade the angry mob.

The police faced a challenging task in preventing the mob from lynching the suspects.

The situation was only defused when one of the suspects identified as Ndirangu, revealed that they slaughtered donkeys were destined for Burma Market in Nairobi, offering details about their operation in an attempt to save their lives.


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