President William Ruto’s personal aide, Farouk Kibet, has defended the contentious Finance Bill 2024, saying it will help the government live within its means.

Speaking on Sunday, Farouk slammed leaders who are opposing the tax measures being introduced by the government, terming them as fools.

Farouk hinted that the government is making amendments to the bill already tabled before the National Assembly.

Farouk stated that Ruto would not burden Kenyans by allowing more taxes on bread.

However, the president’s close aide supported the introduction of more taxes on alcoholic products as a way of fighting illicit brews in the country.

“If the president wants to end the alcohol menace, he should add more taxes on alcohol, not bread.

“We are supposed to tax alcohol more.

“But you will be surprised to see even Christians opposing taxes on alcohol.

“We need to introduce more taxes so as to generate revenue but not on bread,” Farouk said.


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