A section of residents in Uriri Constituency were up in arms against former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s ODM for expelling their MP from the party.

The visibly angry residents took to the streets to protest after their MP Mark Nyamita was expelled from the ODM party for working with the Kenya Kwanza regime.

According to the residents, the expulsion was one-sided and unfair, as all the leaders were not called during the meeting.

The residents called upon the leadership of ODM and pleaded with Raila Odinga to have talks with both leaders and reconsider their decision against Nyamita.

“Expelling our MP was one-sided because there were more than five including ward representatives and MPs. 

“Why didn’t they call all of them but only our MP? We are asking Baba and his leadership to call all the MPs (sic),” a resident said.

However, the residents in unison said they were still supporters of ODM and the perception of them distancing from ODM was a misguided thought.

They called on the MP to have a stand as a member of ODM, even as they called on the party’s leadership to lift his expulsion.

“We are in ODM as residents of Uriri. We are not leaving, that is all propaganda. Our MP should have a stand and lead us under ODM because we are not buying the idea of Nyamita’s expulsion. 

“Let’s us stop spreading that Uriri is not part of ODM,” he added.


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