Nairobi MCAs aligned with the UDA party have rejected Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s continual assertions of advocating for Mount Kenya’s interests.

In a statement, the MCAs, who have roots from Mt. Kenya, cautioned that the DP’s current campaigning efforts are divisive and pose a risk due to their tribal nature.

Led by Nairobi County Minority Leader Antony Kiragu, the Nairobi MCAs with roots from the region would suffer more when ethnic politics take center stage.

He further called for an end to any further tribal and ethnic-based campaigns.

” From Nairobi, we know very well that we are the people who carry the brand of their recklessness; we pay dearly for their mess.

“We have been quiet for some time when they have been going around doing UDA campaigns using ethnic undertones,” Kiragu said.

Kiragu explained that Kenyans moved past ethnically-driven politics in 2022 and should not regress to that state.

“We will call them out and reject whatever they are proposing for us,” he added.

Kiragu stated that Kenyans supported President William Ruto based on his manifesto rather than the selection of his running mate.

He urged aspiring leaders in the Mount Kenya region to be bold in articulating their views.

He remarked that the current advocacy for the “One man, one vote, one shilling” campaign promoted by Gachagua and others lacked authenticity, saying that those involved harbored undisclosed agendas.


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