The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in conjunction with Kenya Police has commenced a nationwide crackdown on vehicles with strobe lights. 

The use of strobe lights was banned in February 2024, by Deputy Inspector General Douglas Kirocho but it remained largely unimpossed. 

“In the implementation of the directive on the ban on the use of strobe lights, light bars, and sirens, several vehicles were nabbed at various checkpoints,” a statement from NTSA and Kenya Police read in part.

“To avoid any inconveniences, all motor vehicle owners are advised to remove modified or unauthorized lights on their vehicles.”

According to the new directive, the Head of State, his Deputy, the Chief Justice, and Parliament Speakers are the only ones allowed to use sirens.

The Traffic Act Cap 403 also gives the privilege of using sirens and strobe lights to police vehicles, fire engines, and ambulances.


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