United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Secretary General Cleophas Malalah has warned the people of Mt Kenya against disunity.

Speaking on Tuesday, June 4 during an interview with a local radio station, Malalah noted that the Western region has been affected by disunity and having many leaders.

The UDA SG pleaded with the Mt Kenya residents not to go in the same direction as the Western region saying the community would risk sinking.”Any community must have a definite leader.

If you see a community where everyone wants to be a leader, know that such a community is sinking. I would like to remind the people of the mountain that we, the Luhya, have suffered because of the lack of unity and everyone wanting to be a leader. Please, the Mt Kenya community, do not go down that road,” Malalah said.

He went on to say that he supports Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s plan to unite the Mt Kenya region ahead of the 2027 elections.The UDA Secretary-General argued that there won’t be national unity if communities are having internal wrangles.

“People should differentiate tribalism and unity because if we want to have one nation, we must start at home and within our communities, and then move to the national platform where these communities come together. We cannot say on the national platform that we want unity while within our tribes we are fighting among ourselves,” Malalah said.

He continued, “When you see the Deputy President saying that communities should be united, unity is strength, then there is nothing wrong with that. I am supporting him in continuing to bring the people of the mountain together.”

DP Gachagua has been advocating for the Mt Kenya region in the past few months noting that the vote-rich region stands to gain more when united.

On Sunday, the DP said he will continue reaching out to all leaders in Mt Kenya for the sake of the community’s unity.


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