Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah has found himself on the wrong side of town after claiming that President William Ruto’s government is doing a good job in stabilizing the country’s economy.

Taking to his X account, Ichung’wah stated the government made strategic moves to drive the country’s economic revival.

He added that the current government’s tactics differ from the populist choice of consumer subsidies which hurt the country’s economy.

“These subsidies had proven to be costly and favoured merchants over consumers. Although Kenya Kwanza’s decision was initially unpopular and caused short-term discomfort, it is now yielding positive results,” he said.

To support his argument, the MP posted pictures of the prices of various products from February to April.

The pictures depicted how the prices of commodities have dropped.

However, his post did not go down well with a section of Kenyans who labelled it government propaganda while reminding him of the punitive tax measures the regime had imposed.

“Kenyans continue to pay higher taxes, their net income continues to decline, and companies continue to close shop,” Anwarr Sadat stated.

Mhenga Maarufu said. “KK’s propaganda is so lazy and tedious.”

ArujiMc said. “You create a problem and you solve it then you congratulate yourself for working. That’s what we call our own goal.”

“Rutonomics, Increase fuel by 60 bob. When they complain, reduce by 17 bob. They will clap for you and say how you have stabilized the economy,” Patrick Mutune posed.


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