A retired teacher and well-known businessman based in Butere is fighting for his life after he was shot by three assailants who fled in a motorbike.

Alfred Aswani was walking home at around 8:30 PM when he was accosted by the assailants, 200 metres from his residence.

The assailants shot him and snatched 2 bags and a phone from him.

They thought he was dead and fled in a motorbike.

Luckily, he was able to identify one of the assailants.

The victim is admitted in hospital in critical condition with a bullet lodged in his chest.

The incident took place 300 metres from a police station.

The local residents are now raising an alarm over insecurity in the area.

Armed criminal gangs have been terrorizing the locals and flaunting firearms in chang’aa dens.

This is what a concerned resident wrote to Nyakundi.


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