Iceland Prime Minister, Bjarni Benediktsson, flew for a State Visit in Malawi aboard a Kenya Airways Plane, even as Kenyans continue to criticize President Ruto for splashing Ksh 200 Million to hire a private jet to fly him to the United States of America for his much-hyped State Visit.

Popular social media commentator Gabriel Oguda shared a video of the Iceland Prime Minister landing in Malawi aboard a KQ plane and lashed out at President Ruto for wasting taxpayer’s money.

Oguda further advised Kenyans to vote wisely during the next elections.

“The Iceland Prime Minister flew to Malawi on a State Visit via Kenya’s national carrier Kenya Airways, on the same day Kenyan President flew to the USA using a private charter that will cost starving Kenyans Sh200 million. Next time, vote wisely,’’ Oguda wrote.

Ruto’s luxury jet trip has continued to spark debate.
Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya now wants a parliamentary inquiry into Ruto’s Sh200 million luxury flight to the US.
Azimio is accusing the President of “wastage”, amid clarification by the US embassy in Nairobi that the host did not foot the bill for Ruto’s flight, which costs about Sh98 million one-way trip.
The President, who is on a four-day State visit, left on Sunday aboard Boeing Business Jet, a 737-700, hired from Abu Dhabi luxury private airline Royal Jet Group.
 For every hour of the 18 he spent on the flight, Kenyans blew nearly Sh2.4 million.
The Opposition lawmakers now wonder why a country struggling with limited finances and barely managing the flood crisis that left many in need of aid would afford such a luxury. 


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