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Dennis Ombachi: From Battling Suicidal Thoughts to Becoming Top Chef.

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Dennis Ombachi, a former Kenya 7’s rugby player who is well-known for his cooking videos, has shared the inspiration behind his newfound skill off the field.

The self-taught chef revealed to an Olympic news site on October 10 that he attempted suicide and struggled with mental health before discovering his passion for food.

He said that he had been given a bipolar diagnosis in the past, which had caused an episode in which he nearly killed himself.

Ombachi described how the incident left his arm with 32 stitches, and he added that he uses cooking as a coping mechanism for his mental illness.

“”It spirals quite easily. It just takes a single psychotic break and you will be no more. I am glad I’m still here doing this interview. It is just sheer luck

“For me, cooking and woodwork were sorts of an escape route. Those are the things that made me feel human again. They distracted me from the realities of mental health,” he said.

Famous for his done phrase in his videos, Ombachi continued by saying that he needs to exercise self-control to make sure he goes to his therapy and medication appointments for his mental health.

He also talked about past hardships that had a direct impact on his ability to represent Kenya internationally.

Ombachi specifically disclosed that he experienced episodes during the Rio 2016 Olympic events.

Noting that many Kenyans suffer in silence, he added that this is one of the key reasons he utilizes his platforms to raise awareness about bipolar disorder.

“What also helps me stick to my medication routine right now is the discipline I use to have as a sportsman. If I am to wake up at 5 am, train till med day, have my meals and rest. I do that repeatedly

“I keep telling people that it is just like any other disease. Once you are on medication, life just goes back to normal,” he stated.

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