Sunday, July 21, 2024

Demos must end at 6:30pm: Kindiki issues demands to protesters ahead of Tuesday demos.

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Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has issued warnings and demands to Kenyans who are planning to protest on Tuesday.

A section of Kenyans have vowed to hold protests across the country against the Finance Bill 2024.

While speaking on Monday, the CS said that protesters must not interfere with the non-protesters.

He said that Kenyans have a right to demonstrate, however, they are limited by the law.

“They must make sure that the enjoyment of these rights does not prejudice the rights and freedoms of others,” he said.

Kindiki said that protesters must remain peaceful and unarmed during the protests.

CS Kindiki added that demonstrators must engage without promoting violence or riots.

“They must not interfere with road rail, sea or air transport in any manner whatsoever.

Whatever the demands, the issues, grievances or whatever the matter, the rule of law and public order must be maintained by all persons,” he said.The CS said that non-protesters who hold a contrary view must also follow the law.

He said the security agencies will remain neutral but firm in enforcing the rule of law.

Kindiki, however, said that the rule of law must be followed at all times.

He said that Kenyans are free to exercise their constitutional rights and are free to demonstrate within the law.

The CS wants demonstrators not to breach public order, intimidate, harass or inconvenience other Kenyans.

He said that protesters must inform the police of their intention to demonstrate.

“Protesters must inform the police of the routes they will take for purposes of providing escort and ensuring that there is law and order. They should notify the police of the timings of their activities,” he said.

According to the CS, demonstrators should end their picketing by sunset at 6 pm.

He wants the protesters not to provoke, injure or obstruct police and Kenyans.

Kindiki added that they should follow the police officers for protection and carry out the exercise in an orderly manner.

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