Musician Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have been on a high this week after they successfully debuted their new reality show ‘The Bahati’s Empire’ on streaming giant, Netflix.

The couple who held an event on Thursday promoting the series premiere revealed that the budget for the show had been a mammoth Sh40 million on the show.

Speaking to online media, the father of 5 said,

“Hii ilikuwa season 1. The cost of production was Sh47 million.”

And that’s not all, the couple added that they would most likely double the budget for season 2 of their show,

“So season 2 we are looking at going a notch higher…Maybe a Sh100 million. So yeah…”

When asked whether it was the most expensive reality show in East Africa, the ‘Mama’ singer refused to be drawn to such comparisons and urged people to watch the show for the great content.

“Don’t talk about the expense, talk about the entertainment.”

The popularity of the show has been so great that people internationally are complaining that the show hasn’t been included in their local Netflix bouquet, something that Bahati addressed during an interview with Betty Kyallo on Friday.

“When you want to go big, you go big. You either go big or go home. They did it for Kenya, so when they put the show on the platform, they locked it within Africa, knowing we have fans across the continent.

“They didn’t realize that the Bahati family is global,” he added with a laugh.

“That’s why I’ve told people to go tag and comment. Let them know that Kenyans are no longer just local.”


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