Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested six suspects, among them four police officers, who broke into a vehicle in Utawala and got away with Sh2.2 million.

In a statement by DCI on Thursday, June 6, the suspects trailed the accountant of Rophine International School from a bank in Utawala on Monday afternoon to his car.

DCI disclosed that the account had withdrawn Sh2.2 million intended for the payment of casual workers at Rophine International School.”In the earlier incident reported at Mihang’o Police Station at 4pm Monday, the accountant had withdrawn an amount in excess of the Sh2.2 million that was stolen, intended for the payment of casual workers at the said school.

“Unbeknownst to him (or otherwise), sheer-greed miscreants using a saloon car Reg. No. KCR 959D were hot on his trail right from when he parked his car outside the bank to when he left with the load of cash,” DCI stated.

The directorate further intimated that the accountant then parked his car outside the school, took some money from the withdrawn sum, and locked the car before entering the school compound.However, when he returned to pick up the remaining sum, he found out that the car had been broken into and the millions were missing.

DCI officers from the Nairobi region and Kayole then obtained crucial actionable intelligence and proceeded to Utawala area in pursuit of a suspect they had identified from CCTV footage.

“On arrival, the team learnt that the suspect had been picked moments earlier by unknown people driving in a Subaru car. Further intelligence led the team to the Kasarani station, where the six were ambushed in a GK vehicle and forced to identify themselves in the presence of the Sub-County Police Commander, his deputy and the Sub-County Criminal Investigations Officer,” DCI remarked.

DCI continued, “Upon search, Sh350,000 was found in the car and another Sh123,000 retrieved from their pockets. Further two motor vehicles, one belonging to the Ruai officer and another belonging to the 5th suspect (Magwaga) which were parked at the yard were detained.”

The six suspects were identified as Sgt. Antony Ndegwa Anwal, Cpl. Daniel Lekakeny Sunkuli, PC Simon Macharia Maina (DCI Kasarani), PC Antony Mwenda (KPS Ruai), Lukas Magwaga and Young Wakise.

According to DCI, the arrested officers were neither on official duty at Utawala nor working under the DCI Sub-County Commander’s instructions.

The suspects have been taken into custody as investigations continue.


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