16 people have been arrested in Siaya County after they were connected to the stoning of a police officer to death.
The suspects were rounded up in an overnight operation in the area that was triggered following the killing of Inspector Simon Mwangi Kariuki of the Ndori Crime Office.

Nyanza regional police commander Patrick Tito said they are hunting for more suspects in the incident.

He termed mob lynching criminal.

Kariuki was attacked by villagers together with another officer during a crackdown on suspected illicit alcohol in Siaya.

The incident happened on March 13.

Kariuki, who has been in charge of the crime branch and his colleague booked a person in possession of illicit brew.

This is part of an ongoing operation against suspected illicit brew and drugs.

The officers arrested a suspect with 21 sachets of the said brew and four packets of cigarettes that they said were for export.

In the process, the suspect raised an alarm alerting the residents who raced to the suspect’s rescue by stoning the two officers.

They also used crude weapons to attack the officers, killing Kariuki on the spot and stealing his gun as his colleague escaped with injuries.


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