According to the police, the businessman who has been identified as Somesh Ramesh may have been killed on Saturday night before the killers proceeded to drop his body in Nyari estate.

Somesh’s body is stated to have been bundled in the front seat of his car and the car driven into a ditch.

Reports of the incident indicate that the police were alerted of the car in the ditch by security guards who suspected that an accident had occurred at the area.

Based on preliminary investigations of the case, the police believe that the scene of the incident was manufactured to seem like an accident.

However, they have dismissed the accident narrative since the businessman’s body had stab wounds around his chest and thigh areas.  

Additionally, it was reported that the perpetrators of the act had attempted to burn the vehicle but were unsuccessful.

Further, it was revealed that before the incident occurred, Somesh had received a call from an unknown person befroe being found dead.

His body has since been moved to a private morgue in the city awaiting a post-mortem.

The circumstances around his death are still unclear and investigations are still ongoing.

Incidentally, this is not the first incidence that a businessman of Indian origin has been targeted in a puzzling murder case.

In February 2024, another businessman Jayesh Kumar Kanj was murdered by hitmen while conducting a land transaction in Kitui.

The businessman was said to have been ambushed by three hitmen who reportedly hit him with a blunt object at the back of his head before removing his clothes and pouring acid on his body.


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