Speaking during a meeting in Nakuru, Mwaura opined that critics ought to focus on the benefits of the visit rather than questioning the use of the plane, which will cost the taxpayers over Ksh200 million.

In his speech, Mwaura stated that Kenya would benefit much more from the trip, adding that the country would recoup all the money used during the trip.

He added that the trip was also unique given that Ruto was the first African President to be hosted on a state visit by President Joe Biden.

“The president has gone to look for things to benefit the country and you are asking how much the fare is. He is even going to come back with more money than has been used for the plane.

“Don’t those people (people asking about the costs) hate Kenya? He is the first African President to be called for a State Visit by President Joe Biden,” he stated.

However, he did not confirm whether the government was funding the trip.  

Earlier, the US Embassy dismissed reports over funding the costs of the plane. It had been alleged that the US was funding the trip given that Ruto’s visit to the US is a state visit.

Unlike his previous visits to the US and other countries, Ruto opted for a chartered Boeing 737-700 business jet.

According to estimates, Abu Dhabi-based airline Royal Jet charges Ksh2.4 million per hour for the use of the plane.

The government has yet to explain why the President did not use the presidential jet. The jet, Fokker 70 Extended Range (ER), was acquired by former President Daniel Moi.

In recent months, a section of leaders have pushed for Kenyan to acquire a new jet for the President.


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