Controller of Budget, Dr. Margaret Nyakango has rejected a Sh 1.1 billion request by the State House to cater for the construction of a modern presidential dais.

Out of the amount, Sh 700 million would have gone towards the construction of the dais at the State House gardens, while the remaining KSh 400 million would have been used to purchase more motor vehicles.

Also rejected is President Ruto’s office’s request for Sh211 million to cater for pending bills in the construction of small claims courts.

Another request of Sh150 million to facilitate the activities of the office of the Government Spokesperson – paid out in February – was rejected.

Since he took office two years ago, Ruto’s wastage of taxpayers’ money has been astronomical, especially when traveling abroad, where millions of shillings are spent on useless things.

Recently, when he traveled to the United States, Ruto spent almost Sh 1 billion of taxpayers’ money but he claimed that he spent less than Sh 10 million.


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